May 07, 2014

april favorites

Here, I give you my April favorites...

The base and top coat from Butter London are awesome at extending the life of my polish-- I'm chip free for longer. This Zoya polish is also one of my absolute all-time faves, especially during the warmer months
I've been loving that stick straight, kind of mod, kind of minimalist hair and this straightener helps me achieve the look
This tinted eye brightener has been especially useful because I don't want to spend the time doing full on corrector and concealer under my eyes these days. Although it doesn't have the same affect, it sure does help
Been breaking out my violet colored eye liner and loving it
I used to not like this product for the smell, but I have chosen to look past that for it's moisturizing and refreshing benefits
I had been using SK-II serum, but noticed it wasn't doing enough so I've added this eye cream to my regime and it's done wonders (this was the first eye cream I EVER used and I still love it)
This cream shadow isn't one bit fussy, lasts all day, and is the perfect color for every day

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