August 30, 2013

finally, friday

I am so ready to get this long weekend started. I'll be relaxing, hopefully heading towards the coast for a bit, celebrating a birthday, and hanging out with good friends. Have a great Labor Day everyone and enjoy the sun. Onto Friday's roundup...

I hope this project works to help preserve the kelp forests along Palos Verdes. Random fact: did you know kelp is and ingredient in your ice cream (Oh, the things I remember from oceans week in elementary school)? Even though I'm not out there working on grand projects like this, I'm trying to do little, every day things to help the environment.

This tea gelee looks delicious and really cool, I'd love to go back to Japan and try it some day.

David Chang made the first season of Mind of a Chef so good, so I'm hoping this second season will be just as enjoyable.

I love a good, al dente vegetable, but this article makes me want to try something a little different.

And lastly, I leave you with The Greatest Artist of All Time

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