January 31, 2014

finally, friday

Sunset at Pillar Point tidepools

This weekend is a little less hectic for me and I couldn't be happier about it. Other than Chinese New Year dinner and of course, our annual Super Bowl party with friends, I will be chillin'. I'll probably catch a yummy brunch somewhere, take a visit to the Japanese Market, and do a little reading. Hope you're able to enjoy your weekend, and if you're watching the Super Bowl (bummed about the Niners), go Seahawks! :)

17 signs you're addicted to the ocean and I fall into about twelve of them.

If guys and girls switched roles on social media it would be both hilarious and disturbing.

Food Art. Various National flags done up in their own traditional foods, very creative!

Only been to Arashiyama and it was definitely cool. But look at that tulip field.

I love sea otters, and this documentary is next on the list to watch. Bookmarked.

Did you witness any of these sky events this past week? If not, you still have time to catch one tonight!

January 24, 2014

finally, friday

View of the city skyline from Warming Hut

I love to frequent Crissy Field and the Warming Hut, especially on gorgeous days in the city. This day was especially nice. The sun was out and there was little to no wind, nearly perfection. We're gonna have another warm weekend and in the middle of January I'm definitely not complaining.

Homemade ice cream is so fun to make, but if you don't have an ice cream maker try out this NY Times adapted recipe, it sounds pretty good.

In my future home I'd like to have hardwood floors but would add rugs in a stylish way to keep it cozy.

Such a cool project to do with your smartphone, the nerd in me wants to try and make it.

All you San Francisco cats lovers, get ready.

Otters are my favorite animal and how cute (sooooo cute) are these recent photos from the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Bay Area surfers, Mavericks is a go.

January 22, 2014

shiny and new

My niece turned one last month, and to celebrate we're having a bit of a late first birthday party for her. My sister and her friend made these cool 3D jewels out of cardboard and streamers. I helped do the metallic parts and even did a full on diamond in silver which turned out super pretty. These are only part of the decorations for the party and I can't wait to see how it all comes together this weekend. Pictures to come after I'm sure!

January 17, 2014

finally, friday

Snapshots from last weekend's trip to Tahoe

This week's weather has been unbelievably warm. So warm that I wore shorts one of the days this week! It looks like the warm weather is going to continue through the weekend and into next week which is perfect since my best friend is coming to town and that means great weather for us to play in. :) Have a wonderful weekend peeps!

San Francisco is getting a new area code, gasp!

I've known for a while that sand is made from the waves pounding on rocks, but never thought about what it looked like under a microscope-- amazing!

The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete. Watch it.

Super awesome, I hope to do this in real life some day.

January 15, 2014

cooking with friends

Big thanks to Megan for putting together this short video and snapping all these wonderful photos. She is a talented photographer and travel junkie (so jealous of her adventures), but not only that she is also my sister-in-law! This past Fall (or was it summer?) we got together to make some thai soup, you could say we both put our skills to work on this one! Check out more about Megan over on her beautiful blog.

January 14, 2014

keeping tahoe blue

This past weekend I headed up to Tahoe with a few friends for a mini getaway. We're so lucky to be able to drive just a few hours away from the city to get to some of the most scenic mountain views. I love that in the Winter it's filled with snow-- perfect for building snowmen and sledding, or skiing and snowboarding, and my favorite, getting cozy in a warm cabin to watch the snow fall. Summertime is probably my most favorite time to head up though-- the warm summer air means going on scenic hikes, jumping in the lake, swimming, fishing, and barbecues on the back deck. Tahoe is a beautiful place with none like it. Here are a few snapshots from this past weekend.

The sunrise view of the lake and mountains from my bedroom

Enjoying the snowfall

Hanging at the lake

My friend's dog playing in the lake

Frozen over water on the sandy beach

Beautiful scenery

January 10, 2014

finally, friday

Sporting my favorite new jacket while walking Land's End

By the time you see this, I'll be on the road heading to Tahoe. Having a fun hangout this weekend with some friends, catch you next week!

Was never really on that mustache trend when it was popular, but I can totally get on it with these cute photos.

Crazy how far we've come with technology and that this video was filmed with drones.

I know it's a wild animal, but I just can't help but want to snuggle with this guy.

I've been lucky enough to go to three of these areas of Japan to try the cuisines that they're known for. Where to next?

Excited to see Madewell's Spring 2014 line coming out soon.

January 09, 2014

sunny side

Wool sweater, Bebe denim, Nine West boots (few years old), handmade ring

January 08, 2014

an evolution of hair

I love to experiment with my hair. To me, it's an extension of your style, which for most people evolves over and with the times. Generally, I prefer having short hair over long, but the past few years I've kept it longer so I can wear my natural wave, but the main reason is due to lack of hair inspiration. Thank goodness inspiration came because my hair was starting to look a mess. After seeing Karlie Kloss chop her long locks I knew I wanted a similar look-- a bob gone completely modern and one that could be styled a number of different ways. Knowing my stylist's packed and busy schedule, I booked my hair appointment a month in advance to get it chopped off for the new year. And let me tell you, it was a good long month trying to style my hair so I didn't look like cousin it.

Here's a look back at my hair past and present.

2006: Short with side swept bangs, 2007: Long and straight, 2008: Short A-line bob, 2009: Short with bangs, 
2010: Piecey with bangs, 2011: Mid-length, 2012: Mid-length, layered, 2013: Color!, 2014: Modern bob

december favorites

This month there weren't a ton of favorites, but hopefully you'll enjoy the few ones I had.

1. Triple Ginger Brew from Trader Joe's - If you like ginger, this is super good. Spicy, sweet, has a kick and came in a cool reusable bottle. This was a Holiday item, but good news is, the drink is staying on shelves year round, just in regular soda-type bottles.

2. Tovolo King Ice Cubes - I've been wanting these for a few years now and finally got some for Christmas! They are ideal for drinks on the rocks since they don't water down your drink as fast, but for me, I love enjoying them in just about any non-alcoholic drink of choice. Funny how a giant cube of ice instantly makes your drink feel more special.

3. Three nail polishes have been in rotation - A bright red (Deborah Lippmann, It's Raining Men), a blue black that looks almost black when applied (OPI, Incognito in Sausalito), a deep romantic red (Zoya, Sasha)

4. Waterproof mascara (not pictured) - I don't have a certain brand I love yet, but waterproof is currently the only thing that keeps my lashes curled!